Niggas in Poorest


Don’t get caught up in no throne.

This is clearly a dope track, but if you are like me you will have to listen to it a few times to catch all of it. I have even googled the lyrics HERE because when the noble Yasiin Bey graces us with his words (no jocking, real shit) it is usually worth the time and understanding.

I also am grateful that someone decided to do what Kanye and Jay should’ve done with this song. I found Watch the Throne, in general, to be a lack-luster attempt by two influential and extremely talented MCs feeding more into delusions and worship of themselves (no Illunimati) than teaching us how to have our own thrones, but I digress. Every rapper and their mommas have hopped on the track to “remix” it but all were really just bandwagoning and pretty much unnecessary. Bro. Bey stayed true to himself and gave us another way of looking at things, similar to when Lupe remixed “BMF”. This is the first of a 40-part series of mixtape-style tracks called Top 40 Underdog so stay tuned for more.




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