Hands On The Wheel / Schoolboy Q x A$AP Rocky

To be honest I’m not thrilled or upset at acts like A$ap Rocky and whatever you want to call this movement. I really wouldn’t call them hipsters, and I hate the term swag. This type of music seems like a blend of rebellion to those movements to me, actually. I think I’m going to ponder on what to call this and get back to you. But the point is this, I enjoyed this song. The sample, the vibe, even the video put me in a place of reckless meditation. This is “21” music, meaning that it’s a middle ground of angst and acceptance. You’ve tested your limits, you’ve accepted them, and now it is time to have some fun while you can. That’s how this song makes me feel. Like a good Friday night with The Colony.

I already have A$ap’s mixtape, although I haven’t given it a thorough listen. And I will definitely be giving Schoolboy Q’s mixtape a listen very soon. Here is a REVIEW of his latest “Habits & Contradictions”.


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