YMCMB Vevo Weekend

Yay. I have a love hate relationship with YCMB. While entertaining and talented, the music label they seem to be a bit…much. Like I want to be able to say something more eloquent but how when you get smacked in the face with…fuckery. I just watched some Young Money videos and the only ones that were remotely bearable were “Turn Me On” and “Marvin’s Room” (and I abhor that song).

It doesn’t matter if you’re talented if you put out garbage. I don’t if it’s their encouragement of being artistic or not having a clear understanding of what that mean, but with every video besides the fore-mentioned I had to resist the urge to click away. Between Wayne’s cocaine laced confessions and Jesus comparisons, Nicki’s high school drama rant, and all the other whoever-the-fucks on that label I just left with a bleak perception of what the younger generation is accepting as art. What’s with all of these gimmicks and faux artistry? There’s so much talent here I wish I could understand why they are choosing to go in this direction?

Another dilemma I am having is the way Nicki is markets to her respective crowds. This is the first time I have watched the “Stupid Hoe” video (and heard the song) and I have was overwhelmingly disappointed with everything about it. I am actually a fan of Nicki. I think she is very talented and has the ability to go far in life, not just the industry, if she does not allow herself to be pigeon-held as a gimmick. But that seems to be her desire.

I don’t mind a good beef song, and she has definitely delivered some in regards to this situation. With that being said, this song is immature, redundant, and wack[.] There was nothing clever or quotable about this song. Ironically, she was the one who came off as the “stupid hoe”. The worse part was watching the video. The 1st thing I noticed was why dissing Lil’ Kim, the vibe of the entire video looks like a 2012 version of a Lil’ Kim video. Here is a link of a theory of the actual artistic direction of the video.

What was actually the most disturbing about this video was watching the “Turn Me On” video she did with David Guetta. The video was very dope. Great concept, quality, and enjoyable song. Why is she constantly quality songs and videos for the white demographic, but then toss the black market (because who else cares about a Lil Kim beef) that sack of [enter Lil Wayne feces reference here]? Awful. And you may feel that I am over simplifying the situation, but the reality is they are playing “Stupid Hoe” on BET for the Black youth to consume, not “Turn Me On”.

I won’t even touch on how weird it is for this grown woman to say on record that she is the “female Lil’ Wayne!”.


I’ve never heard a Tyga song before but people seem to really like him. I was very excited to hear one of his songs…until I heard one of his songs. This song to be specific. Is there a reason why he sounds like Travis Porter? Besides the beat’s unfortunate ability to get stuck in your head the was nothing appealing about this. I was bored. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is attractive I would have probably cursed and thrown something at my computer. I have no doubt that his appearance has some influence on his fan base. I am assuming this is just some commercial garbage. I really hope this young man has more to offer than cliche videos and bitting sub-par “rappers” flows.

I thought I was watching Willow Smith for a second. Um, naw. I remember a few years ago when they were putting some of his songs out on mixtapes I thought he was a very talented little dude. But for some reason he now looks like a Fresh Prince caricature and sped up version of a Lil Wayne song. Is that what Wayne is doing at the YMCMB camp? Making clones?

so yea.



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