N****s in Paris (video)

After performing “N****s in Paris” well over 100 times on their 33-date, 26-city tour, they got this.

*sigh* I have a plethora of questions. The 1st question is why not more highlights of Paris? It would have made sense, and it would have given people who aren’t as priviledge a chance to see exactly what they were talking about and more. But the question that I keep hearing, and agree with, why all the white people? It’s not that white people weren’t expected to be in the video but Kanye and Jay were the black people I saw in a song that I already have very complex feelings about. I’m not even going to entertain the symbolism at the end. Subtle.

Overall it was a very well done video, but I don’t think anyone expected any less. All in all, I have no desire to see it again. *shrug*


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