Cupid Valentino

I really wanted to put together a mixtape for you guys today (although I will be posting other DJs later on) but unfortunately my laptop is broken. So instead, how about a Valentine’s PLAYLIST??? hmmm…

We’ll call it “The Colors of Love”:

1. I Used to Love H.E.R – Common

2. I Belong To You (+ Mon Ceur S’ouvre A Ta Voix) – Muse
3 That Way – Wale
4. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
5. There’s Goes My Baby – Usher
6. Stormy Weather – Little Dragon
7. Dreams Money Can Buy – Drake
8. In My Bed – Amy Winehouse
9. After Laughter (Comes Tears) – Wendy Rene
10. Passing Me By – The Pharcyde
11. 20 Feet Tall – Erykah Badu
12. Love Interruption – Jack White


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