I Can Cry If I Want To!

I don’t know anyone who didn’t fall in love with “Birthday Cake” when they heard it on Rihanna’s album Loud. I also didn’t know anyone who wasn’t pissed when they found out it was only 1:21. I know that I probably tweeted Rihanna two or three times asking for her to create a full version of the song. When she announced that she was working on the full version and that it was going be super dope I waited in anticipation. Then this week the announcement that Rihanna will be collaborating with Chris Brown on the track became the “WTF” heard around the innanetz.

Everyone is trying to understand who allowed this to happen. And I guess the answer is no one because there is talk that the remix has been shelved. Apparently, the remix was recorded without the consent of the record label. I think the decision to not release it is best, no matter how much I wanted the full track to happen.

The fact of the matter is these two reuniting is a horrible decision on Rihanna’s part. After their altercation in 2009 became very public Rihanna’s popularity sored, and her position as a role-model and a pop icon became solidified. The situation was so shocking and appauling that it made both Rihanna and Chris Brown household names. Both did media campaigns to fix their image. Rihanna stated on national television that she was being abused, that she knows that young girls are looking up to her, and that she did not want them to follow in her footsteps, in that regard. Chris Brown stated that he was going to get help, threw a chair through GMA’s window, and now he’s won a Grammy. I think that the latter is a testament that the people are forgiving, but everything has its limits. The two them joining forces for anything besides raising awareness for domestic violence is unacceptable. It is too soon, and it sends an awful message to their young fans.

In addition to coming together for the song, the pair went to Rihanna’s birthday celebration together, where Chris Brown tried to force attendants to sign confidentiality agreements about his presence. I feel like they both have a responsiblity to the young ones that they know are worshipping them (and I am not using that term lightly) to set aside their personal attraction in order to be positive examples. Dismissing abuse and murder threats are not the way.


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