LoveLetters + BrokenHearts v. 3

While we are still kind of in the Valentine’s spirit, be that good or bad, check out DJ P Plus and DJ LISSA Monet’s Loveletters + Brokenhearts.

love letters + broken hearts” arrives again for the third year, this time with a more personal approach.
i think its safe to say that p plus and i have both have had to work on one of these mixes while either not being in love or not feeling broken hearted. this year for me [dj lissa monet], when we started the planning process for this mix, i called “shotgun” on the broken hearts mix because for some reason i knew when it was time to put it together, i’d already have some boy break my heart….well it’s funny how the universe proves you wrong *smile*.

instead, i pulled memories from one of the most devastating, delusional, and destructive relationships i’ve ever had this past year and just went in. so broken hearts means a little bit more to me than it should. but it has also helped me clean all the excess ‘stuff’ that was hidden under the rug. so without turning this into an intense therapy session, i present to you two individual works from the heart, and i hope any mix you choose to fit the mood of this particular day helps you get through.

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