Peter Rosenberg Asks Is Nicki Minaj Still Hip Hop?

To a certain extent I understand what Rosenberg is saying. On the other hand, at what do we consider changes to be “selling-out” opposed to artistic growth. I was a fan of Nicki’s in the past, and I have to be honest when I say I no longer feel most of the stuff she has been releasing lately. But is it selling-out? Is it biting? Is it growth? Will she ever prove herself to me more than a bunch of gimmicks? I suppose only time will tell.

As far as the video below of her 2012 Grammy performance, I think it was a good attempt. I feel like she had a vision and tried her best to execute it. I hope she just finds herself and perfects it instead of constantly jumping from one place/personality to another.

Throwback Nicki:


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