Art of Words: Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

It’s the return of the Black Moors with no fez. Eerie like that documentary on Lisa Lopez. Pentagrams, pyramids, conspiracies with goat heads…knock down the levees, knock down the projects…start another project. Build another object. A drive-thru touch screen doctrine for me to digest, ust horses with our blinders on. Driving by the obvious. Riding by the obvious. Flying by the obvious. Uh huh, regardless who you vote for, if the mind don’t grow and the poverty line don’t go. But the dope keep coming and the t-v keep flashing images of a sports car, then you bound for a coke war. The meek get clowned by the cope law. The sheep get drowned in the folklore. Then lulled to sleep by Tom Brokaw, hmmm. What a pity, the hope on a politician’s tongue never ever trickles down to the city.

— Jay Electronica


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