i-N Conversation: VENUS X

“Launching her own club night just over two years ago, which she explains was once described as “A night of psychic trauma”, Venus X is an NYC lovechild. Boasting an influential circle of friends who are creating exciting things out of not much right now (shout out to A$AP), Venus is the robust product of an unlikely upbringing. Raised by her full-time drug-dealing/ part-time father and school-teaching mother, this brown-eyed babe found solace in her books, remembering her childhood as being particularly nerdy. Maturing into a hard-working, intelligent, single-minded woman, today her main prerogative is to create music which drip-feeds people life experience. Relating more to old school hip-hop vibes fronted by Missy and Aaliyah, Miss X is a girl who laughs out loud and is now starting to realise her dreams of trotting the world with her tunes in tow. A slow-burning talent with a whole lot of buzz, Venus takes her drinks with a twist of pineapple and her music straight-up.” Read More

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