Living Walls in Atlanta

“Picasso in sighted a thought in my head, eluding that one must peruse through city streets to find the true meaning of art in a revolutionary way. While biking down Edgewood Avenue during Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn Festival, I notice a very warm-spirited mural being painted on the side of the neighborhood barbershop and Caribbean restaurant. While pulling over on my rusty bmx bike, I met a person by the name of Kief, and she explained that I was the spectator of the Atlanta Living Walls project and she is happy to be working with illustrator Neuzz, pronounced “Náy-ôôs,” from Mexico City by way of Oaxaca, Mexico. The piece immediately grabbed me because of its warm color tones matched with clean lines and cubic, primitive art style. Kief, explained that Neuzz takes basic trash from the streets and creates intense murals with cultural value. Finally, he walked up from checking his work from a far and introductions were made.”

“Neuzz began to explain, that he funded his own trip from Mexico City to Atlanta because it was very important to him to beautify a wall in Atlanta because of the struggle, plight and resolution of Dr. Martin King Luther. Once he got here The Living Walls Project assisted him with supplementary sponsorships for supplies. In Mexico City, because of the huge population, graffiti is very popular. However, on the flip side many murals in the city streets get spat on. Therefore, he prefers to create in old, abandoned homes, warehouses and rural walls. Neuzz was first discovered by Monica Campana because of a previous mural he completed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was granted a wall here in Atlanta. An important factor was he felt that if he did a piece on Martin Luther Kings block, the Old Fourth Community would protect it from being disgraced.” Read More

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