Hier-O-Dot // Casual x J Rawls x Souls of Mischief x MHz

This track is from Casual and J Rawls LP Respect Game Or Expect Flames, which is out now on CD and digital.

Track List:

01 Reign f. Pep Love & Allana Reign
02 Respect Game or Expect Flames f. Del The Funky Homosapien
03 La Danse Du Fessie
04 Craziest Story
05 The Authority f. The Mystery School
06 Surely, I’m Right
07 Fly f. Allana Reign
08 Nota Problem Part II
09 Hier-O-Dot f. Copywrite, Phesto, Tage, Tajai, Opio & Jakki Da Motamouth
10 Aint Tryna Hear
11 Find a New Remix f. Rene Dion
12 Emergency f. Kurious
13 Give Respect
14 Upper Echelon
15 We Servin’ Y’all f. The Liquid Crystal Project


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