Space Is The Place [film]

In 1971, American producer Jim Newman appproached John Coney, a producer/director at a public television station KQED in San Francisco with a proposal for a thirty minute performance documentary on the Sun Ra Arkestra. Sun Ra immediately saw the film as an opportunity to make a statement about the conditions of black people on planet earth – and as a powerful medium for his music as a vehicle for lifting them out of their collective misery.

Production began in 1972 with filming and recording the Arkestra, a spaceship landing, a visit to an Egytptian tomb and the creation of a mythic celestial planet derived from Ra’s interpretation of passages from “The Book Of Urantia” (The Urantia Book a strange proto-New Age cosmological tract originated in Chicago, Illinois, sometime between 1924 and 1955. Its authorship remains a matter of speculation) as realised in Golden Gate Park. After many months of editing, screen writer Joshua Smith was hired to work on the story line and turn the project into a coherent narrative film.

For information click here.

You can also purchase the soundtrack here.


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