?uestlove, Dave Chappelle & Neal Brennan Party W/ Prince

Good morning, and you’re welcome.

Grantland created this cartoon-universe featuring Prince, Dave Chappelle and ?uestlove when they launched what they call the Animated Archives series. The toon is an animated rendition of an anecdote from Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan about the time ?uesto ushered him and Dave into an intimate Prince show in New York just about the time their “Pancakes, B**ches?” skit created such a splash.

What Neal left out according to ?uestlove:

some deets were left out:

we were scrounging all night to get a replacement for a then arrested bobby brown in
a gang of prospects, qtip was available so we used him. we got done work at 1am.

the funniest part of the night to me was me telling dave and neal we need an escape safe word, cause they were meeting prince for the first time whereas p and i were consistent in seeing each other and talking for like 6 years then and much like them i wasn’t ready for his newfound religion fire so i warned them what they were in for: “he’s gonna wanna convert us to being a JW so i don’t wanna get trapped cause he never lets you get a word in edgewise, just 3 weeks ago he came to common’s session and talked us in the ground til like 7am, bilal started snoring on him.

dave and neal couldn’t believe their ears cause in their head they still think the cat who thrusts his hips on the speaker at the end of “darling nikki” is who we gonna see. and im like NO its the polar opposite i guarantee you what we are gonna see….first of all (right then the elevator door opens and since my back is turned i dont realize that we are already in prince’s hotel NOT the hallway like i thought) and just like that you hear P’s voice: “….continue ahmir……..” (dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!) i forgot what i said to get outta that but it worked. its funny we never talked about it but i was amazed that i was seeing P’s socks.

larry graham, his then wife manuella (benet’s current) and a grip of white people. i guess neal got his info correct cause there was NO way in the world id figure out that was her fam. i swear they were having a prayer meeting and i looked at neal like *wide eye lets get outta here stare* but dave seemed intrigued. which makes total sense because he thrives on waking up a dead room. ive seen him do 4 hour shows off the top of his head telling the audience “i can make anything hilarious..someone get me a newspaper”—like for real this mofo read the obituary and sure enough he hit jackpot at 3:30am in SF. he was NOT giving up until we were doubling over almost choking. so i gave a wink to my ex like “we out in 20″—-

actually that night the real nightmare just started—i left just as breakfast was getting ordered (no pancakes for me—although it did look humorous i can also attest about 4 times money been stingy with post 3am breakfast foods—anywho, my ex and i parked the car in an illegal spot and it took us til 7am to find out where it was and then it took an additional 2 hours to get back to philly cause the car broke down on the highway. so the nightmare of a 4 hour trek to get home in the winter is what i remember the most. i WISH i was eating pancakes in the back of the car.


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