High Grade 2 (In The Sky with Diamonds) EP // Lucille Ghatti

Months after Lucille Ghatti’s High Grade, she’s back with another EP, High Grade 2: (In The Sky with Diamonds). High Grade 2… producers include Ajisreal, Goldsmith, Leken Taylor, Taulibthekid, JMB & Lyle Horowitz, And Thelonious Martin. Stream and download below.

During the creation of this album, a shift in my mind occurred. A shift that is sending me further into cosmic bliss as the night claims the day. Everything on this planet, since my first enlightenment in life, is incredibly enchanting to me. The current joy that i have found, as a human, i just want to share. These songs are a mark for the beginning of our social, as well as cultural renaissance. Indigo Children are growing up and realizing their talents and purpose, and music is becoming more angelic. These angels, Star children and Cosmic souls are finding their voice and also understanding why they could never conform to society.

Its also just really cool ass music.


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