Sia Covers Rihanna’s “Diamond”

This is truly amazing. Sometimes with media you can learn too much about the “artistic” process, and it ruins the experience. And then there are times like these where you stumble upon some information that makes the project even more awesome. This is the latter. Apparently, Australian singer/songwriter Sia co-wrote Rihanna’s “Diamonds” with Benny Blanco. I would’ve never thought about the possibility of the combination, but after watching the above is a clip it all makes since.

The footage above is Sia covering the hit song live with famed producers Stargate at the 2012 Norweigan-American Achievement Award ceremony. Although Sia and Rihanna sound strikingly similar performing this track, there is something about hearing Sia sing it that makes it go from a kiddie-pool pop ballad to an emotional and inspiring journey. There’s a feeling in her voice, maybe because its live, that doesn’t come through as powerfully in Rihanna’s version. The children singing every word in the background doesn’t weaken it’s awesome factor one bit.


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