Black Milk x Danny Brown / Black and Brown! EP

Black & Brown! is a collaborative EP by Detroit-based rappers Black Milk and Danny Brown which released on November 1, 2011 through Fat Beats Records. The EP is entirely produced by Black Milk.

Black Milk’s beats are boilerplate Black Milk– post-Dilla instrumentals hitched to hard-knocking drums– and Brown brings none of the songwriting skill or emotional range that marked XXX, with its tales of stripping hot water heaters from abandoned houses and harrowing accounts of substance abuse. It’s a low-stakes affair, aiming at nothing more than head nods, but it induces some deep ones. — Pitchfork

Track List:

1. Sound Check (Instrumental)
2. Wake Up
3. Loosie
4. Zap
5. Jordan VIII
6. Dada
7. WTF (Instrumental)
8. LOL (Remix)
9. Dark Sunshine (Instrumental)
10.Black & Brown


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