Inside The Mind Of Melo 3 (mixtape)

MeLo-X drops his latest project, Inside The Mind Of MeLo 3. The self-proclaimed “Zulu Guru” add his special production touch and verses to other artist’s tracks, and some original tracks from the Brooklyn producer/emcee. The project features artists such as Fiona Apple, Yuna, Azealia Banks, Rihanna, Joey Bada$$ and more.

Track List:

01. Fiona Apple & MeLo-X – Every Single Night (MeLo-X APT Basement God Mix)
02. Yuna & MeLo-X – Live Your Life (MeLo-X Motherland God Mix)
03. Azealia Banks & MeLo-X – 1991 (BKLYN – HRLM REMIX)
04. Cheri Coke & MeLo-X – The Garden of Eden [Prod. By MeLo-X]
05. Dana Buoy & MeLo-X – Delicate Suitor (MeLo-X Tailor Made God Mix)
06. Rihanna & MeLo-X – Stay (She’s Finally #1 Bitch MeLo-X God Mix)
07. Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Naked For Life (Zulu Guru Remix) (Feat. Fink)
08. Marvin Gaye – Come Live With Me (Feat. MeLo-X)
09. MeLo-X – A Tribe Called Dilla Instrumental
10. MeLo-X, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly – Live From East Flatbush [Prod. By MeLo-X]
11. MeLo-X – Enter The Void
12. Ghostpoet & MeLo-X – wecanWORKitout (MELOGHOST)
13. Teen Daze & MeLo-X – For Body And Kenzie (MeLo-X Water All Over Your Body Mix)
14. CHARLI XCX & MeLo-X – Velvet Dreaming (LUV)

To stream and download MeLo’s mixtape click here.


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