m.A.A.d. city // Kendrick Lamar x MC Eiht

Kendrick Lamar’s track “m.A.A.d. city” is a two part journey that literally makes the crown of my head tingle every time I hear it. It is so vivid, aggressive, and transportive that I’m sure that I could compare it to actual literary works. Full of colorful dimensions and graphic imagery this one song has the same sensory impact as the entire classic illmatic album by Nas. As a die-hard Nas fan I was initially offended by Kendrick’s illmatic comparison mainly due to overt differences, but this song alone makes those comparisons more legitimate to me. I’m sure you guys will be the judge and jury though.

Regardless of how you feel about the illmatic comparison, the song is undoubtedly note-worthy. Aside, MC Eiht’s intro gives me life and I need it as my alarm ringer. Enjoy.

I love this song so much that I’m going to post my favorite quotes…because that’s how I feel. Consider this part one of this weeks “Art Of Words”.

Seen a light-skinned nigga with his brains blown out t the same burger stand where — hang out. Now this is not a tape recorder saying that he did it. But ever since that day, I was lookin at him different. That was back when I was nine. Joey packed the nine. Pakistan on every porch is fine. We adapt to crime, pack a van with four guns at a time with the sliding door, fuck is up?

Fuck you shootin’ for if you ain’t walkin’ up you fuckin’ punk?!

Aw man, God damn, all hell broke loose. You killed my cousin back in ’94. Fuck yo truce! Now crawl yo head in that noose. You wind up dead on the news. Ain’t no peace treaty, just pieces. BG’s up to pre-approve, bodies on top of bodies. IV’s on top of IV’s. Obviously the coroner between the sheets like the Isleys.When you hop on that trolley, make sure your colors correct.

Fuck who you know, where you fExplainrom, my nigga?

Wake yo punk ass up! – MC Eiht


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