OverDoz. / #Boom

The Cali Hip Hop collection OverDoz. has released their newest project, Boom. It features the likes of Juicy J, The Futuristiks, Nipsey Hussle, THC, Iman Omari, Traxamillion, Problem, and more.


01. Underground (feat. Pimp C) (Prod. by THC)
02. These Niggas (feat. Nipsey Hussle) (Prod. by THC)
03. F$WSAD (feat. Problem) (Prod. by THC)
04. Lauren London (Prod. by Iman Omari)
05. Desto’s Don’t Stress Hoes (Prod. by THC)
06. Killer Tofu (Prod. by THC)
07. Lap Dance (feat. Juicy J (Prod. by The Futuristiks)
08. De$tabil (Prod. by THC)
09. Tongue Ring (feat. Cheetah Boyz & DJ Drama) (Prod. by Traxamillion)
10. Barbary Coast (Prod. by THC)
11. When I Woke Up (Prod. by THC)
12. Thinkin’ (Prod. by THC)
13. Lois Lane (Prod. by THC)
14. Last Love Song (Prod. by Brooke D’leau)
15. Inside ft. Gwen Bunn (Prod. by Gwen Bunn)
16. Baby Steps (Prod. by Iman Omari)
17. Hiroshima (Prod. by Iman Omari)

The mixtape is available for stream and download now.


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