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Yeezus! (review)

by Appollonia K.

When I first heard that Kanye West’s new album was about to drop I was excited to see what he had in store for us. Not only because Kanye is an amazing producer and unique emcee, but because Watch The Thrones was so disappointing to me. Considering the perfectionist that ‘Ye is, I was certain that whatever he had as the follow-up would be better than the former, experimental, and pushing boundaries.

Then Kanye released the name of the album, Yeezus. The sheer audacity of the title is not surprising for a character like Mr. West, but with such a risky choice I felt that he must have something major to back it up. He further perpetuated that sentiment with premiering his video for “New Slaves” on the side of city buildings, and SNL performances of “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead”. The hype for the album became immense, projecting a half-million units in its first week. Continue reading Yeezus! (review)


Albums Without Tragedy – Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” Review

by AppleD.

In the past year it feels like Rihanna has been on every media outlet known to man. From Instagram photos to gossip posts to Oprah specials, Rihanna has turned herself into everyone’s bad girl next door. But somehow, in the midst of all the exposure, her album seemed to creep up on me. Over the years I had grown to be quite the Rihanna fan. To be honest, I’m about one fishnet full body suit away being apart of the “Rihanna Navy”. With that being said, I am completely baffled at what happened yesterday.

Leading with the very well put together, easy to listen to single “Diamonds” I had high hopes for this album. Although her previous album, Talk That Talk, was jammed full of hits and showed her ability to be great in almost every genre it lack the cohesiveness that I look for in an album. Rihanna seems to be on a bit of a self-exploratory journey in many direction, but her music seemed to be constantly progressing in the right direction. Then came Unapologetic.
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Seven Pyschopaths

Critics who called Pulp Fiction a post-modern deconstruction of crime cinema will struggle to find an appropriate label for Martin McDonagh’s bloody hilarious Seven Psychopaths. A post-post-modern meta-commentary on Hollywood’s obsession with violence? In Seven Psychopaths, the artistic fascination with bloodshed isn’t just part of the subtext, but lies right there in the plain old text, as obvious as a bullet hole in your face. —Creative Loafing ATL

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COMPLEX Magazine’s 50 Best Albums of 2012 (So Far)

These are solely the opinions of the people at COMPLEX, and in no way reflects StereoTypez opinion on the top albums of the year (so far). With that being said, we still found it interesting and thought we’d share.

2012 hasn’t disappointed on the music tip. Whether it’s rappers like Schoolboy Q and Meek Mill spitting that audio crack, bands like The Shins and Best Coast letting it rip, or big-name vets like Usher and Fiona Apple singing their hearts out, the first six months of this year have held all our iPods down with plenty of that new-new.

We like to cut to the chase over here, so check out the Top 5 below.
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Curt Rivera Becoming Legend

By Bruce Marie

Becoming Legendary is the latest mixtape from rapper Curt Rivera, who invites his listeners to follow along as he makes a name for himself in the industry. Rivera is an indie artist from Southern Comfort Music, team. His previous mixtape The Layoff talked about the bumpy roads he experienced in chasing his dreams, while his new project reflects his persona as a rising star.

The mixtape has 15 tracks including “Invictus” and “Imma a Grind”, which sets the tone of the project, where he rhymes about grinding, getting bitches (which in hip-hop is a general term for women), and living his day-to-day life in southern streets. The few features on the mixtape compliment the project, as well as add to Rivera’s educated sound and grown-up word play. And although he is from the south, he lacks the typical drawl and heavy accent that we’re accustom to; however, he does make good riding music and has an easy, story-telling approach that’s generally associated with southern rappers.
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2012 Redbull EmSee Finals w/ @realdjpremier x @therealbanner x @9thWonderMusic x @bigkrit

Bruce Marie and I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 Redbull EmSee National Finals at The Masquerade in Atlanta. The event was hosted Phonte with 9th Wonder on the 1s & 2s. This event was judged by David Banner, Big K.R.I.T. & DJ Premier.
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