#Panthers – #Hornets // DND Worldwide #Charlotte

Charlotte, NC emcee DND Worldwide has released a new banging anthem for the city!

This track was dropped right on time for the 2015 football playoff, but the song is much more than sports anthem. It’s an anthem for the whole QC (Queen City). Although you don’t typically think of North Carolina when you think of Hip Hop, it’s actually a great hub for quality artist. Not only quality artists, but legends like Jodeci and J. Cole. But for some reason NC still hasn’t gotten it’s proper shine. That’s all going to change now that DND Worldwide is out here representing Charlotte to the fullest. DND’s “Panthers-Hornets” drops down-to-earth lines about what it’s really like to be from the QC.

I like to turn up but here in Charlotte we say blanking/ If you got a job it’s probably warehouse or its banking//

In addition to “Panthers-Hornets”, DND will be releasing his solo project Hole Nother Level with DJ Smallz aka Mr. Southern Smoke. The project is a mix of conscientious and party tracks that will take the listener on a journey reminiscing of life’s twist and turns. With this mixtape, DND hopes to bring something new to the game stating “others may have you turnt up, but this mixtape will take you to a ‘hole ‘nother level.”

As the first artist from Hole in The Wall Entertainment, established with Rashaun “Scmoove” Pringle and Travis Shuler, they want the world know that the South still has something to say.



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