Who Can We Run To // #‎3DNATEE‬ #Blacklivesmatter

Over a quarter million views and counting… Thank you for understanding this piece… I caught a lot of flack for being naked in the video (which was done to symbolize our current state of vulnerability, loneliness, the way blacks were belittled, beaten, and bartered) but some people couldn’t look pass it. Some people couldn’t look pass the fact that the video was vulgar and graphic… Well… I cant apologize for any of that… I cant apologize for the truth… I can only thank those who understand, for understanding…
– ‪#‎3DNATEE‬

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Tomorrowland 2013 Hyperlapse

Have a look at TomorrowWorld 2013 through the eyes of a hyperlapse photographer.
For the second year in a row, Matthew Vandeputte captured 2013’s Tomorrowland for Epic Cinema through motion timelapse photography.

This is a compilation of my finest shots.I took over 13000 photos in the 4 days I was working there and spent countless hours stabilising the footage in post-production.

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Caprice Down // Oddisee

Oddisee drops the official video for “Caprice Down” from The Beauty In All LP. Directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas, the video features the Hammer City Skate Collective – a crew of Long Beach grinders founded by Michael K. Green aka Blacc Mike, who was gunned down in 2005 in a case of mistaken identity.

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