Frank Ocean: Comes Out! (and more)

“A few days ago, rumors began swirling that Ocean was gay after a journalist, Max, claimed that lyrics she heard at a listening party for Ocean’s debut album, Channel Orange, spoke of falling in love with a man. However, no specific lyrics were cited and other media sites at the listening party did not share the same thought.

Since the rumors began, Ocean has remained mum on the subject. But early this morning, July 4, Ocean posted a message on his Tumblr, announcing that he would address the gay rumors.

What Ocean did next is nothing short of jaw-dropping and utterly amazing. He posted a screenshot of a text shot printed on a computer, titled “thank you’s.” The text was written on Dec 27, 2011 while Ocean was riding on a plane from his hometown of New Orleans to Los Angeles and intended to appear in his album booklet.

The text reads like a heartfelt open letter as Ocean reveals that four summers ago he met the man who would eventually become his first love. Ocean goes on to explain that things between he and the guy sadly didn’t work out, but that he was thankful for the experience that he’d never forget that “orange” summer of love.” – Nicolas Robinson of Rolling Out



Cover Art

Track List

Channel ORANGE will be released on July 17, 2012.


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